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CrossFitter Newsletter
Issue 6 - January 30, 2017
On the road or can't make it to the gym? Use this WOD randomizer and get a different WOD every day. No equipment needed.
CrossFitter Newsletter
Turn this cheat food into an every-day food. Get the ridiculously easy recipe here
It’s common in our society today to seek short-term solutions in exchange for big gains. But compare the costs of short-term gains, which often come with a hefty price, versus long-term lifestyle changes, which may take longer but often yield longer term success
Power Speed Endurance
Along with creatine and BCAAs, L-glutamine is one of the most popular yet misunderstood supplements in the fitness industry.
CrossFit Invictus
It’s a new year, and you might have resolved to eat better to achieve your health and fitness goals. That might mean researching different nutrition plans and reviewing your current habits
BoxLife Magazine
This recipe full of Brussels sprouts, cranberries, and bacon is certain to make you want to eat your veggies.
Breaking Muscle
Hamstrings injuries are very common. In runners, strains frequently occur in the mid-belly of the muscles. High hamstring irritation (up near the glute fold) can be prevalent in power sport athletes and lifters.
Juggernaut Strength
Make (and store) these dishes when you have extra time, to power your runs and recovery.
Runner's World
A serviceable home gym for barbell training need not be a gigantic investment, and in fact should be very simple.
Starting Strength
Train alongside people that make you feel (and look) like the weakest person in the room. Nothing motivates you more than to train around like-minded individuals who want to work hard, will push you, and play both encourager and caller-outer at the same time.
I love checking the Invictus blog every night to see what the workout is for the next day. I don’t know what it is, but when I see that the workout has pull-ups or chest-to-bar pull-ups, I get very excited.
CrossFit Invictus