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CrossFitter Newsletter
Issue 2 - January 2, 2017
On the road or can't make it to the gym? Use this WOD randomizer and get a different WOD every day. No equipment needed.
CrossFitter Newsletter

Happy new year! We made it through 2016. The new year is a great opportunity to look back and reflect on the goals we set and why we met them or didn’t. With that said don’t be too hard on yourself if you didn’t meet all your goals. Reflect and pivot to make them happen. Happy 2017!

That unique ability to compensate for a lack of strength, skill, or ability usually comes from a little thing called toughness. If you are tough, you have the ability to overcome challenges and will have gained strength through adversity
CrossFit Invictus
Three tips to help keep you from blowing your fat-loss diet every Saturday and Sunday. You know who you are!
One of my fondest memories as a child was going out to dinner with my family when we had something to celebrate. Whether it was straight A’s on my report card or if I lowered my best time in the 100 meter butterfly, food was at the center of how we celebrated these moments of success.
My Fitness Pal
Congressmen in the House of Representatives recently introduced the PHIT Act (Personal Health Investment Today) to encourage Americans to engage in physical activity without having to spend money on equipment, membership fees, and fitness classes.
Men's Health
This is a subject near and dear to my heart… which is black with rage in reaction to all the incredibly bad advice out there. Of course I’m joking—how you hold a bar over your head is your business, but my business is helping you do it the best way possible, so let’s team up and make your dreams come true.
Catalyst Athletics
We drop into MovementRX this week to talk all things mobility with Theresa Larson and Anders Varner
Barbell Shrugged
Research shows these veggies deactivate the muscle growth inhibitor, myostatin. Check out the science.
You'll build more muscle. Here are a few ways to do it, and some ideas to try if that's just not possible for you.
Everyone wants to claim they’re old-school these days, but do their actions reflect that statement? Modern hypertrophy programs seem to follow the same boring protocols, feeding egos but providing very little progress.
Breaking Muscle
If you’ve spent much time in the gym, I’m sure you’ve witnessed a scene very similar to this one: There’s a big guy in the squat rack busting out reps with 405 lbs, making each rep look like a herculean effort.