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CrossFitter Newsletter
Issue 18.1 - July 9, 2018
On the road or can't make it to the gym? Use this WOD randomizer and get a different WOD every day. No equipment needed.
CrossFitter Newsletter
My fitness is my health. The fitness that we pursue in CrossFit is not for the Crossfit Games. The kind of fitness that we are seeking is functional. It makes us better at everyday life. It’s the kind of fitness that allows a father or mother to pick up their child without throwing their back.
CrossFit Rolling Thunder
Three-time CrossFit Games athlete Carleen Mathews joins CrossFit Culinary Ninja Nick Massie in the kitchen for some savory beef stew.
Nick Massie
Zach Rocheleau is founder at the Flexible Dieting Lifestyle, and owner and head coach at Genetic Potential Academy. He is a also Precision Nutrition Sports and Exercise Nutrition Certified Coach and a Certified USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach.
Shrugged Collective
It’s hard to fathom the idea of little kids dealing with obesity, but the fact of the matter is 13.9% of 2-5 year olds are obese.
Jen Weir
I was near the end of my second nine-hour day at Limon Correctional Facility, a men’s maximum-security prison roughly 100 miles southeast of Denver, Colorado. Men here were locked up for crimes that included murder, rape and assault on police officers.
Andrèa Maria Celi
Brent continues the Crossfit Open workouts and finds it difficult to secure his spot at Regionals. We meet some of Brent's friends, family, and competition, and learn about Brent's hilarious #openhumiliation group